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boost with cw/ wednesday/ too much mfm/ not akkoma safe/ jerma985 [SENSITIVE CONTENT]


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I’m not sure how far this will reach but has a new album coming out on May 17th called . They’ve released two lyric videos so far as teasers and they are absolutely lovely.

“Keep Going”:
“All Day”:

Go check them out if you’ve never heard of them!! Guster is such a wonderful band hailing from and their is fantastic.

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This sushi tastes strange

A photo of a sample set of mechanical keyboard switches on a desk. The switches are in black foam, and from a distance looks a bit like sushi

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ed sheeran dubbing #pokemon


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Goose evening


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Which ice is the best

Photo chart showing types of ice cubes, from left to right

Full cube, half cube, crescent, flaked, gourmet, nugget

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I’m a fan of the hollow gourmet ice cubes



I actually don't like ice at all and this has been a longstanding issue for me and Sonic.


gavi » sonic gives way too much ice

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nugget 100% for me! not even a question. have you ever blown through the ice hole before?


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i'm not sure if "nugget" is the standardized name, but i vote we change it to ice whistle

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I'm Saturation

I'm Hue

I'm brightness

The colors brothers

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what is stopping you from coding like this?

A compact gaming device doubles as a code-writing tool thanks to its wireless keyboard. (Image credit: X/Twitter user -

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Data thieves decrypting my imessages with a quantum computer just to see this

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My kid, a computer science major, said that the way programming is taught is "too capitalist" because it emphasizes efficiency and time saving over everything else, and I haven't stopped thinking about it.

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3D printed a recorder :)
(yes the head was turned a different direction than the rest so the colors misaligned)

3D printed multi color recorder
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Omfg what if I just told the spammers I'm vegetarian???

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many different padoru emotes [SENSITIVE CONTENT]

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comically large error dialogue

a photo of my steam deck with a wine error saying "File not found" stretched all over the screen making it appear comically large

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Undertale/Deltarune news letter dropped with valentines day cards but only a few per person. There’s around 50 different cards. Here’s the ones I got:

Nina »

I'm trialing offering these digital watercolor headshots as skeb sketch commissions!

Skeb = You put in your references and instructions, and what you first get is what you get with little to no revision, in response to a cheaper price. ⭐$30⭐

You can contact me at ✉️, kofi:, or vgen: (increase price for vgen cut)

A watercolor looking illustration of a women with a large feathered jewel hair clip and a crystal hanging earring.

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Mimic the thing and figure out what's the magic that you can't capture again.

A watercolor like illustration of a girl with medium very curly hair looking outwards.
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I wanna go to fosdem one day. All the people who went this year are so cool.

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How to Enjoy Being Single After Divorce

No description

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Hey anyone experienced with 3d printing? Tried to print the portal gun from portal 2 but this came out instead??

The source engine error model. It's in blue because  I didn't have classic red, which is fine because it's blue in Portal 2

gavi »

made a star coaster. i like that i can go back and make it a throw blanket someday if i decide to though

a blue star coaster in the granny square stitch on my desk, it has a yellow stitch marker in it and a pink crochet hook attached to the side

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help @ElonMusk . my neuralink got hack and they make me do gangnam style. help

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My friends are good tests of height and width of 'base' sizes, so it's not just me centric. I got the width right easy enough, but I had to extend height for tall boy + ears.

3 chibi pixel character, one of a large wolf man, one of a short raccoon girl, and one of a blonde medium tall height.

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right to repair includes yourself